I love to read.  It is one of the simply pleasures of life for me.  While I enjoy reading on my Kindle, sometimes I just want to hold a real book in my hands.  The library in Grand Rapids is very nice but honestly I just don’t get the chance to swing by there much.  If you live in a rural environment, like our Edge of the Wilderness Communities, you can get to the library without leaving your home!  The Arrowhead Library offers a great program called “Mail-A-Book”.  You can find the book you’d like to read on their website and then simply place your order (you’ll need a library card first).  Your book will arrive a few days later with a pre-paid postage return label.  Just enjoy your book and when you’re done, pop it back in the fabric envelope, attach the return label and put it in the mail.  How simply is that?  

I just received my first “Mail-A-Book” book.  I’m reading a book by William Kent Krueger.  He writes some great crime mysteries that are set in Northern Minnesota.  It’s fun to read something where you can identify places in the book.  

If you want more information on the “Mail-A-Book program, you can visit the Arrowhead Library’s page here.