How to be your own Handy-Woman

Ladies, did you know that you can learn to be your own handy-woman without having to wait around for a man to help you. There are simple projects you can do by simply having the proper tools, some patience, and a little “Can-Do” attitude.

Every lady should have a toolbox with basic house-hold tools. We’ll stick to non-powered tools to get started. You can always add some power tools to your line-up as your confidence and skills grow. Here’s a list to get your Handy-Woman Toolbox started:

  • Hammer: hammers come in a variety of weights so pick one that you are comfortable holding and feels good in your hands
  • Screwdrivers: You might not be familiar with the proper names of the different screwdrivers, but you’ll want a set that has a flathead and a Phillips head. The flathead screwdrivers are simple flat at the tip. A Phillips head looks more like a small star. Most home projects can be completed with either a flat or Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Crowbar: Sometimes these are called a Cat’s Paw or Pry Bar. A small one is fine and will be helpful in many projects.
  • Saws: a small wood saw and a hacksaw (for cutting metal). Like the hammer, you want something that you are comfortable handling.
  • Toolbox: A nice box for storing all of your items. You can pick these up in any hardware, lumber, or home improvement store.

(Tomboy Tools is a great company that has a wonderful line-up of tools designed for women by women. You can visit their site here: I like that their tools come in pink which means your spouse or sons will never steal them)

To get started with your Handy-Woman work, pick small projects to start with. Things that might seem overwhelming like fixing a leaky faucet or patching a hole in drywall are all doable. You can fix a squeaky or sticky door, repair tile, and even build a flower bed with your hand tools. Don’t be afraid to try. YouTube is loaded with How To Videos and there are other sites such as and I think you’ll find that learning to do things around your home is not only fun but also empowering.