Love it or hate it, Technology is here to stay

Technology is everywhere these days and your home is no exception. Love it or hate it, technology doesn’t seem to be going away. There are some pretty cool technology items that you can add to your home that will help put technology to work for YOU!

Ring Video Doorbell Pro: This device allows you to answer your door from anywhere. Well, your guest will not be welcomed with your smiling face, but it actually allows you to hear and speak to your guest. This doorbell works with Alexa and sends alerts to your smartphone. It can even alert you when there is motion at your door.

Smart WiFi Plugs: This also works with Alexa. You can turn on your lights, appliances and more from your smart phone with these Smart Plugs. You just plug your lamps into the plug and then with your smart phone, you can turn on your lights even if you aren’t home. How cool is that! Think about arriving at your cabin late at night, but the lights are on for you because your smartphone told the cabin to have the lights on.

Nest Learning Thermostat: Research has shown that Nest thermostat users save 10-12% on their heating bills and up to 15% on their cool bills. This device controls your thermostat from anywhere. It works with Alexa and in addition to saving you money, it also learns your habits. (kind of scary, but also money saving).

Touch Screen Deadbolt: Have a family cabin where friends and family visit and you need to give them access? Schlage has a model that uses a touch screen keypad to allow keyless entry. You can even create temporary codes for visitors or control the lock with Alexa. Amazing!

Smart Blinds: Yes, you can even control your blinds from your smartphone. Smart blinds have built in temperature sensors to let them help control the temperature and lighting in your home so you don’t have to decide how hot or cold you want it. A very nice feature is you can set daily and weekly schedules. Don’t want those blinds going up early on Sunday morning, you can set it to open later and give you a few extra minutes of sleep.

There is so much out there to make your home smarter and more efficient. What is your favorite technology for your home?