My Top 6 Cabins/Homes on Water Under $200k

Dreaming of a home or cabin on water in Itasca County but not sure you can afford it?  Here’s my Top 6 List; All under $200,000!  


Little Dew Lake Cabin in Togo:  If you’re looking for privacy, this cabin really fits the bill.  Bring your kayak, boat or canoe and start enjoying all of the peaceful solitude.  Walk out your back yard to hunt miles of public land.  If you’re seeking a remote cabin where you’ll see the occasional Moose or Bobcat, here it is. Listed for $140,000 (MLS# 9931870)

Blandin Reservior:  This year round 3 bedroom, 2 bath home includes a second parcel with frontage on the Blandin Reservior.  Lovely cozy touches throughout the home.  A little bit of country right in town. Listed for $147,000 (MLS 9932523)


Round Lake Cabin:  It doesn’t get much better than this!  Adorable waterfront cabin tucked away on the shores of Round Lake.  Private setting with gentle breezes, whispering pine trees, and filtered sunlight along the 240+ feet of lakeshore.  2-car garage with finished space above for whatever you want.  Listed for just $179,000 (MLS # 9932119)


Horseshoe Lake: The owners have done some great cabinet work, lighting, and decorating making this a superb up north property.  Beautiful views of Horseshoe lake.  Enjoy your morning cup of Joe on the 5 x 19 wrap around porch.  Peace and quiet at its best!  Listed for $189,000 (MLS # 9929061)


Mississippi River:  This home sets on a beautiful park-like setting with south-facing views of the Mississippi Rover and Blandin Reservoir.  With 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, sits on a private road.  Inside you’ll find a brick fireplace, oak cabinets, hardwood floors, and an 11 x 11 sunroom.  There is a 24x32 garage and a store shed.  Listed for $189,000 (MLS # 9932578)


Bello Lake:  Ready to get away from people?  This secluded and private home sits on Bello Lake near Bigfork.  With an open main floor plan and two bedrooms upstairs ready for you to put the final touches on.  400’ of hard bottom sand shoreline and 9 acres.  Enjoy the Cedars, Birch, Maples, Balsam, and Aspen trees.  Listed for $199,000 (MLS # 9932535)


No matter where you are looking in Itasca County; Bigfork, Marcell, Spring Lake, Wirt, Grand Rapids……we have you covered at Edge of the Wilderness Lakes and Homes Realty.  Give us a call today!


5 Home Maintenance Tips to Save you from Repair Headaches



Homeownership is great; especially in Northern Itasca County.  Having a place to call your own is what we dream about but what they don’t tell us is that along with having a nice home comes the maintenance piece.  While there are professionals that can handle the more detailed issues that might arise, there are some things that you can do to keep your Itasca County home or cabin in tip-top shape and avoid having to bring in the professional.  Here is a list of my top 5 maintenance tips to help to avoid repair headaches:


  • Air Filters:  Check your air filters monthly.  Did you know that when you change your air filters regularly as needed, you can cut your energy bill by as much as 5-15% annually?  This is certainly an easy way to not only cut energy bills but also a much needed maintenance piece for furnaces and AC units. 
  • Have your AC unit tuned-up:  With spring making its appearance, summer is not far behind.  To keep you cool this summer, schedule an AC tune-up early.  It’s better to have your unit is top condition before the heat of summer arrives and the technicians are too busy to get to you quickly.   
  • Check your Roof:  As winter finally gives way to Spring weather, the snow is melting and you can see your roof.  Spring is the best time to check your roof.  Look for broken or warped shingles or damage to a metal roof.  Having shingles repaired early will save you from water damage on the interior of your home later.  
  • Clean Your Gutters:  While you’re up on your ladder checking the roof, take a peek at your gutters.  Nobody likes cleaning out gutters, at least nobody I know.  But damaged or clogged gutters can damage your roof or force you have replacement gutters put up.  Do yourself a favor, clean them up and keep them happy.  
  • Clean your refrigerator coils: Here’s one that most people do not think about.  All kinds of grease, dust, and dirt can build up on the coils behind your refrigerator.  That makes it not only inefficient, it can be dangerous as well.  It’s very simple to clean them off.  Just unplug the frig, pull it away from the wall and use your  vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to work the build-up away gently.  Don’t force it.  Then use a cloth to wipe away anything that the vacuum missed.  Piece of cake!  


Follow these 5 tips to help get ahead of any costly repairs.  Fishing opener is approaching quickly so why not get the house in order before putting that boat in one of the 1000’s of beautiful lakes Itasca County has to offer?  

Adventures in Real Estate: Flat Tire Help

     Living way up North where we do, we have to learn to be a little more self sufficient when it comes to some things that we take for granted.  Ladies, this is especially true for us.  Being in a more remote area certainly has its benefits; peace, quiet, no traffic, and many miles of backroads.  If you’re not prepared thought, you can find yourself quite literally in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, no cell coverage to call for help, and it could be hours before someone drives by.  Ask me how I know this!!!  I wish I had walked through these simple steps before I found myself 7 miles down a forest road with a nice flat tire and absolutely no kind folks passing by.  


Now, talking about making major repairs by yourself, but knowing ahead of time how to change a tire safely gives you a huge advantage.  Follow these few tips BEFORE you actually need them:


  1. Study your car’s owner manual:  If you never cracked open the owners manual, when you’re in the middle of a situation like a flat tire, is not the time.  So, go ahead and open your glove box and pull that book out.  Find the section on changing your tire.  Read it through first.  Then, go back and read it again.
  2. Locate the Necessary Tools:  Refer to your owners manual and find where they have hidden the jack, spare tire, and other tools you’ll need to change your tire.  Again, its better to check out off of this BEFORE you need it.  I found out when I was almost 7 miles down a forest road that in order to put part of my jack together I need a screwdriver.  Did the manufacturer include one of those in my kit?  Absolutely not.....and believe me, its hard to dig through your purse to find something that may or may not be a decent substitution for a real screwdriver.  
  3. Practice setting up your Jack:  Figure out NOW, in your driveway or garage, where you should place the Jack.  Don’t forget to set the parking brake on your vehicle. (This is a great safety tip!). I don’t know about you, but the pictures in my owner’s manual just don’t work for me.  I get my husband, son, friend, to show me exactly where that darn jack needs to be placed.  While you’re at it, make sure you know how to operate the jack.  My Toyota has some weird jack; well, at least to me it was.  Once I saw how it was supposed to operate, I thought “well, I can do that”
  4. Practice removing your spare:  Do you know where your spare tire is?  Do you know how to remove it?  Some spares are easily accessible inside the trunk of your care.  Others, like mine, require using a tool to lower the tire from underneath the vehicle and unhooking it.  Know where it is and how to get to it.
  5. Practice Removing and Replacing a Tire:  Once you know how where all of the tools are, how to operate and place your jack, and how to access your spare, try changing a tire.  Do this at home where you have “back-up” in case you run into an issue.  You might be thinking “oh this will be easy” or “I know how to do that”.  But wouldn’t you rather figure it all out in a new environment and not in an emergency situation?