Sellers: This will most likely happen

Listing your home for sale in Itasca County, MN this year?  Your Realtor has probably talked to you about listing contracts, inspections, staging your home, and all of the normal Realtor stuff.  But, did he or she tell you what to expect once your home is live on the MLS and all over the Internet?  At Edge of the Wilderness Lakes & Homes Realty, we want to ensure you know what’s likely to happen before it does.  Communication is key! As Noble prize winner George Bernard Shaw said “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. At Edge of the Wilderness, we love communicating with our clients. That is why we want you to  know ahead of time what might happen so you can prepare.  Here’s a quick list of what to expect:


  • Expect lowball offers; at least it is a starting point
  • Other Agents will miss showing appointments and not call
  • Some showings will last 5 minutes and others will last 2 hours
  • Showing appointments will be made and cancelled at the last minute
  • There will be a day when I call you and say someone wants to see your house and you will ask me “when” and I will say “pull back the curtains, they are sitting in your driveway”
  • I will call you 3 minutes before your scheduled showing and cancel.  
  • Other Agents are going to knock on your door or even drive by and see you in the yard and ask if they can see your house.  (If this happens, call me!!)
  • You may not get feedback from every showing.
  • Some buyers will ask for everything including your dock, lawnmower, and even great grandma’s kitchen hutch.
  • The closing date on your contract will most likely change; it is a guesstimate and subject to many variables
  • You will most likely be asked to have your septic system inspected AND it may not pass
  • Buyers might walk away after the septic inspection, home inspection, or because of financing difficulties.  


Your Edge of the Wilderness Lakes & Homes Realtor will work hard to lessen the stress associated with selling your property; we are here to help and get your home sold.