7 Tips for Moving

If you have your home for sale, you’ll most likely be getting ready to move this summer. Whether across country or simply across town, these tips will help you prepare for your big move.

Boxes: Unless you are having a moving company pack everything you own, you’ll need to get moving boxes. And, you’ll need more than you think you will. Order your boxes well ahead of time and order a variety of sizes. You really never know how much stuff you have until you start putting it in boxes. You can order boxes from your local U-Haul location, Big Box Hardware store, or order online for fast delivery.

Don’t forget packing supplies: Besides boxes, you’ll need packing tape, packing paper to wrap your fragile items in, and a good black marker to write on the outside of the box. You might also consider furniture blankets as well so your furniture doesn’t get scratched.

The right box for the right items: Remember, if you do not have a moving company coming, you’ll be lifting all of those boxes yourself. Don’t overfill large boxes with heavy items. Use smaller boxes for books, CD’s, dishes, pots & pans. While a few books doesn’t weigh that much, a large box filled with books could easily lead to an injury when you try to lift. The golden rule of packaging: The heavier the item, the smaller the box.

Keep you fragile items safe: If you have fragile items, especially those that hold great meaning to you, pack them well and consider putting those in your car rather then on the moving truck. It’s easy to just start throwing boxes around when moving day comes, so a little forethought on those special items is a must.

Label your Boxes: Make your life a lot easier by labeling your boxes. As you are taking boxes off the truck, its much easier to know where to put them if you have tabled them before hand. Mark the side and top of each box.

Using a Moving Company: Having a moving company box up your stuff is nice. But they move fast. If you have items that you want to carry yourself, they can easily get lost in the shuffle. A great rule of thumb is to have one room that is already cleared out where you place those items. Don’t forget the family pet either. All of the moving activity can make Fluffy or Fido nervous. Put them in your “Do Not Enter” room which has the door closed AND a sign that lets the movers know that they are not needed there.

Moving Yourself: Moving day will arrive quickly. The best practice for moving yourself is “no packing on moving day!” That’s right, have all of your boxes packed and ready to go so on moving day, you can pick up the rental truck or have your friends over to get everything moved. No putting things in boxes that day. Everything should already be boxed.

Moving can be stressful for sure. But, with a little pre-planning, your move will go off without a hitch.