Marketing your home to pet owners

According to the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers Fur Babies are driving the home-buying decisions for single females and couples. Let’s face it, we love our furry family members. Ruff-ly speaking, 44% of all American households have at least one dog. And, about 35% of all pet owners fall within the millennial generation.

Dogs play a very important role in what home buyers choose. A better space or large yard tops the list for influences on home purchases. If you have a fur-baby and have tried to rent a place, you know it can be impossible to find a nice place that allows pets and if you are lucky enough to land a pet-friendly home to rent, it can be extra expensive with additional deposits and “pet-fees”.

If you are planning on selling, chances are one of your potential buyers will be the family’s dog. So, how to you make your home more appealing pet owners? Here’s a few tips to get you off to a great start:

Work with a Pet-Friendly Agent: If your agent isn’t a dog or cat person, they are probably not the best agent to market your property to the animal loving buyer. An agent that specializes in pet-friendly properties can be a huge help when listing your home. You need someone that can highlight the home and neighborhood’s amenities for animals. Such information as local dog parks, hiking trails, pet-friendly breweries, and information on local meet-up groups for dog lovers.
Staging is everything: A few well placed puppy portraits will appeal to pet owners. But ensure that your yard is free of land mines and freshly dug holes. And while you don’t want to leave out a bowl of half eaten food or a dirty kitty box, defining a space for these pet areas can spark the buyers imagination. Placing a dog bed by your bed, having toys put in Fido's toy box, and showcasing all of the fun stuff you have for your pets.
Clean, Clean, Clean: While you’re trying to market your home to pet-lovers, you don’t want your home to scream “We have 3 dogs”. Make sure to keep your home clean. Vacuum up hair, mop your floors, and try to remove any offending smells from carpet and bedding.

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